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import re
import boto3
from os.path import join

[docs]def analyze_reach_log(log_fname=None, log_str=None): """Return unifinished PMIDs given a log file name.""" assert bool(log_fname) ^ bool(log_str), 'Must specify log_fname OR log_str' started_patt = re.compile('Starting ([\d]+)') # TODO: it might be interesting to get the time it took to read # each paper here finished_patt = re.compile('Finished ([\d]+)') def get_content_nums(txt): pat = 'Retrieved content for ([\d]+) / ([\d]+) papers to be read' res = re.match(pat, txt) has_content, total = res.groups() if res else None, None return has_content, total if log_fname: with open(log_fname, 'r') as fh: log_str = # has_content, total = get_content_nums(log_str) # unused pmids = {} pmids['started'] = started_patt.findall(log_str) pmids['finished'] = finished_patt.findall(log_str) pmids['not_done'] = set(pmids['started']) - set(pmids['finished']) return pmids
#============================================================================== # Functions for analyzing a db reading submission #==============================================================================
[docs]def get_logs_from_db_reading(job_prefix, reading_queue='run_db_reading_queue'): """Get the logs stashed on s3 for a particular reading.""" s3 = boto3.client('s3') gen_prefix = 'reading_results/%s/logs/%s' % (job_prefix, reading_queue) job_log_data = s3.list_objects_v2(Bucket='bigmech', Prefix=join(gen_prefix, job_prefix)) # TODO: Track success/failure log_strs = [] for fdict in job_log_data['Contents']: resp = s3.get_object(Bucket='bigmech', Key=fdict['Key']) log_strs.append(resp['Body'].read().decode('utf-8')) return log_strs
[docs]def separate_reach_logs(log_str): """Get the list of reach logs from the overall logs.""" log_lines = log_str.splitlines() reach_logs = [] reach_lines = [] adding_reach_lines = False for l in log_lines[:]: if not adding_reach_lines and 'Beginning reach' in l: adding_reach_lines = True elif adding_reach_lines and 'Reach finished' in l: adding_reach_lines = False reach_logs.append(('SUCCEEDED', '\n'.join(reach_lines))) reach_lines = [] elif adding_reach_lines: reach_lines.append(l.split('readers - ')[1]) log_lines.remove(l) if adding_reach_lines: reach_logs.append(('FAILURE', '\n'.join(reach_lines))) return '\n'.join(log_lines), reach_logs
def get_top_level_summary_of_log(log_str): ret_str = 'Event Summary:' ret_str += '\n' + '-'*len(ret_str) ret_str += '\nUseful INFO:\n ' ret_str += '\n '.join(re.findall( ('INFO: \[.*?\] indra/((?!readers).* - ' '(?!Got no statements|Saving sparser)(?=.*\d.*).*)'), log_str)) ret_str += '\nWARNINGS that occured:\n ' ret_str += '\n '.join(set(get_indra_logs_by_priority(log_str, 'WARNING'))) ret_str += '\nERRORS that occured:\n ' ret_str += '\n '.join(set(get_indra_logs_by_priority(log_str, 'ERROR'))) return ret_str def get_top_level_summary_of_logs(log_str_list): ret_dict = {} ret_dict['total_stats'] = {} ret_dict['err_set'] = set() ret_dict['warn_set'] = set() ret_dict['unyielding_tcids'] = set() ret_dict['num_failures'] = 0 for log_str in log_str_list: try: stat_dict = get_reading_stats(log_str) ret_dict['total_stats'] = {k: ret_dict['total_stats'].get(k, 0) + v for k, v in stat_dict.items()} except GetReadingStatsError: ret_dict['num_failures'] += 1 ret_dict['err_set'] |= set(get_indra_logs_by_priority(log_str, 'ERROR')) ret_dict['warn_set'] |= set(get_indra_logs_by_priority(log_str, 'WARNING')) ret_dict['unyielding_tcids'] |= get_unyielding_tcids(log_str) ret_dict['err_tcids'] = {int(re.findall('(\d+)', err_str)[0]) for err_str in ret_dict['err_set'] if 'Got exception creating statements' in err_str} return ret_dict def get_indra_logs_by_priority(log_str, priority='INFO'): return re.findall('%s: \[.*?\] indra/(.*)' % priority, log_str)
[docs]def get_unyielding_tcids(log_str): """Extract the set of tcids for which no statements were created.""" tcid_strs = re.findall('INFO: \[.*?\].*? - Got no statements for (\d+).*', log_str) return {int(tcid_str) for tcid_str in tcid_strs}
[docs]class GetReadingStatsError(Exception): pass
def get_reading_stats(log_str): def re_get_nums(patt_str, default=None): re_ret =, log_str) if re_ret is not None: nums = [int(num_str) for num_str in re_ret.groups()] elif default is None: raise GetReadingStatsError("couldn't match patt \"%s\"" % patt_str) else: nums = [default]*patt_str.count('(\d+)') return nums ret_dict = {} ret_dict['num_prex_readings'] = \ re_get_nums('Found (\d+) pre-existing readings', 0)[0] try: ret_dict['num_new_readings'] = re_get_nums('Made (\d+) new readings')[0] except: ret_dict['num_new_readings'] = None ret_dict['num_succeeded'] = \ re_get_nums('Adding (\d+)/\d+ reading entries')[0] ret_dict['num_stmts'], ret_dict['num_readings'] = \ re_get_nums('Found (\d+) statements from (\d+) readings') ret_dict['num_agents'] = \ re_get_nums('Received request to copy (\d+) entries ' 'into .{3,4}agents')[0] ret_dict['num_statements'] = \ re_get_nums('Received request to copy (\d+) entries into ' '.{3,4}statements')[0] return ret_dict
[docs]def analyze_db_reading(job_prefix, reading_queue='run_db_reading_queue'): """Run various analysis on a particular reading job.""" # Analyze reach failures log_strs = get_logs_from_db_reading(job_prefix, reading_queue) indra_log_strs = [] all_reach_logs = [] log_stats = [] for log_str in log_strs: log_str, reach_logs = separate_reach_logs(log_str) all_reach_logs.extend(reach_logs) indra_log_strs.append(log_str) log_stats.append(get_reading_stats(log_str)) # Analayze the reach failures. failed_reach_logs = [reach_log_str for result, reach_log_str in all_reach_logs if result == 'FAILURE'] failed_id_dicts = [analyze_reach_log(log_str=reach_log) for reach_log in failed_reach_logs if bool(reach_log)] tcids_unfinished = {id_dict['not_done'] for id_dict in failed_id_dicts} print("Found %d unfinished tcids." % len(tcids_unfinished)) # Summarize the global stats if log_stats: sum_dict = dict.fromkeys(log_stats[0].keys()) for log_stat in log_stats: for k in log_stat.keys(): if isinstance(log_stat[k], list): if k not in sum_dict.keys(): sum_dict[k] = [0]*len(log_stat[k]) sum_dict[k] = [sum_dict[k][i] + log_stat[k][i] for i in range(len(log_stat[k]))] else: if k not in sum_dict.keys(): sum_dict[k] = 0 sum_dict[k] += log_stat[k] else: sum_dict = {} return tcids_unfinished, sum_dict, log_stats