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from reportlab.lib.enums import TA_JUSTIFY
from reportlab.lib.pagesizes import letter
from reportlab.platypus import SimpleDocTemplate, Paragraph, Spacer, Image
from reportlab.lib.styles import getSampleStyleSheet, ParagraphStyle
from reportlab.lib.units import inch

[docs]class Reporter(object): """A class to produce a simple pdf report using the reportlab package. Parameters ---------- name : str A name that will be the name of this file, and the title by default. """ def __init__(self, name): self.styles = getSampleStyleSheet() self.styles.add(ParagraphStyle(name="Justify", alignment=TA_JUSTIFY)) self.story = [] = name self.title = name self.sections = {} self.section_headings = [] return
[docs] def set_title(self, title): """Overwrite the default title with a string title of your choosing.""" self.title = title return
[docs] def add_section(self, section_name): """Create a section of the report, to be headed by section_name Text and images can be added by using the `section` argument of the `add_text` and `add_image` methods. Sections can also be ordered by using the `set_section_order` method. By default, text and images that have no section will be placed after all the sections, in the order they were added. This behavior may be altered using the `sections_first` attribute of the `make_report` method. """ self.section_headings.append(section_name) if section_name in self.sections: raise ValueError("Section %s already exists." % section_name) self.sections[section_name] = [] return
[docs] def set_section_order(self, section_name_list): """Set the order of the sections, which are by default unorderd. Any unlisted sections that exist will be placed at the end of the document in no particular order. """ self.section_headings = section_name_list[:] for section_name in self.sections.keys(): if section_name not in section_name_list: self.section_headings.append(section_name) return
[docs] def add_text(self, text, *args, **kwargs): """Add text to the document. Text is shown on the final document in the order it is added, either within the given section or as part of the un-sectioned list of content. Parameters ---------- text : str The text to be added. style : str Choose the style of the text. Options include 'Normal', 'Code', 'Title', 'h1'. For others, see `getSampleStyleSheet` from `reportlab.lib.styles`. space : tuple (num spaces, font size) The number and size of spaces to follow this section of text. Default is (1, 12). fontsize : int The integer font size of the text (e.g. 12 for 12 point font). Default is 12. alignment : str The alignment of the text. Options include 'left', 'right', and 'center'. Default is 'left'. section : str (This must be a keyword) Select a section in which to place this text. Default is None, in which case the text will be simply be added to a default list of text and images. """ # Pull down some kwargs. section_name = kwargs.pop('section', None) # Actually do the formatting. para, sp = self._preformat_text(text, *args, **kwargs) # Select the appropriate list to update if section_name is None: relevant_list = self.story else: relevant_list = self.sections[section_name] # Add the new content to list. relevant_list.append(para) relevant_list.append(sp) return
[docs] def add_image(self, image_path, width=None, height=None, section=None): """Add an image to the document. Images are shown on the final document in the order they are added, either within the given section or as part of the un-sectioned list of content. Parameters ---------- image_path : str A path to the image on the local file system. width : int or float The width of the image in the document in inches. height : int or float The height of the image in the document in incehs. section : str (This must be a keyword) Select a section in which to place this image. Default is None, in which case the image will be simply be added to a default list of text and images. """ if width is not None: width = width*inch if height is not None: height = height*inch im = Image(image_path, width, height) if section is None: self.story.append(im) else: self.sections[section].append(im) return
[docs] def make_report(self, sections_first=True, section_header_params=None): """Create the pdf document with name ` + '.pdf'`. Parameters ---------- sections_first : bool If True (default), text and images with sections are presented first and un-sectioned content is appended afterword. If False, sectioned text and images will be placed before the sections. section_header_params : dict or None Optionally overwrite/extend the default formatting for the section headers. Default is None. """ full_story = list(self._preformat_text(self.title, style='Title', fontsize=18, alignment='center')) # Set the default section header parameters if section_header_params is None: section_header_params = {'style': 'h1', 'fontsize': 14, 'alignment': 'center'} # Merge the sections and the rest of the story. if sections_first: full_story += self._make_sections(**section_header_params) full_story += self.story else: full_story += self.story full_story += self._make_sections(**section_header_params) fname = + '.pdf' doc = SimpleDocTemplate(fname, pagesize=letter, rightMargin=72, leftMargin=72, topMargin=72, bottomMargin=18) return fname
def _make_sections(self, **section_hdr_params): """Flatten the sections into a single story list.""" sect_story = [] if not self.section_headings and len(self.sections): self.section_headings = self.sections.keys() for section_name in self.section_headings: section_story = self.sections[section_name] line = '-'*20 section_head_text = '%s %s %s' % (line, section_name, line) title, title_sp = self._preformat_text(section_head_text, **section_hdr_params) sect_story += [title, title_sp] + section_story return sect_story def _preformat_text(self, text, style='Normal', space=None, fontsize=12, alignment='left'): """Format the text for addition to a story list.""" if space is None: space=(1,12) ptext = ('<para alignment=\"%s\"><font size=%d>%s</font></para>' % (alignment, fontsize, text)) para = Paragraph(ptext, self.styles[style]) sp = Spacer(*space) return para, sp