Ontology mapping (indra.preassembler.ontology_mapper)

class indra.preassembler.ontology_mapper.OntologyMapper(statements, mappings=None, symmetric=True, scored=False)[source]

A class to map between ontologies in grounded arguments of Statements.

  • statements (list[indra.statement.Statement]) – A list of INDRA Statements to map
  • mappings (Optional[list[tuple]]) – A list of tuples that map ontology entries to one another
  • symmetric (Optional[bool]) – If True, the mappings are interpreted as symmetric and will be applied in both directions
  • scored (Optional[bool]) – If True, the mappings are assumed to be scored and the scores are propagated into the mapped groundings. If False, the scores don’t need to be provided in the mappings and even if they are, they are ignored. Default: False

Run the ontology mapping on the statements.