LINCS Drug Targets (indra.sources.lincs_drug)

This module provides and API and processor for the HMS LINCS small molecule target relationship database. This is a manually curated set of relationships with the “nominal” target of each drug determined by a human expert. Note that the determination of the “nominal” target is not always backed up by experimentally measured affinities. The underlying data is available here:

LINCS Drug Targets API (indra.sources.lincs_drug.api)


Return a processor for the LINCS drug target data.

Returns:A LincsProcessor object which contains extracted INDRA Statements in its statements attribute.
Return type:LincsProcessor

LINCS Drug Targets Processor (indra.sources.lincs_drug.processor)

class indra.sources.lincs_drug.processor.LincsProcessor(lincs_data)[source]

Processor for the HMS LINCS drug target dataset.

Parameters:lincs_data (list[dict]) – A list of dicts with keys set by the header of the csv, and values from the data in the csv.

A list of indra statements extracted from the CSV file.