Many functionalities of INDRA can be used via a REST API. This enables making use of INDRA’s knowledge sources and assembly capabilities in a RESTful, platform independent fashion. The REST service is available as a public web service at and can also be run locally.

Local installation and use

Running the REST service requires the flask, flask_restx, flask_cors and docstring-parser packages to be installed in addition to all the other requirements of INDRA. The REST service can be launched by running in the rest_api folder within indra.

As an alternative, the REST service can be run via the INDRA Docker without the need for installing any dependencies as follows:

docker pull labsyspharm/indra
docker run -id -p 8080:8080 --entrypoint python labsyspharm/indra /sw/indra/rest_api/


The specific end-points and input/output parameters offered by the REST API are documented at or the local address on which the API is running.