Source code for indra.sources.signor.api

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals
from builtins import dict, str
import sys
import logging
import requests
from io import StringIO, BytesIO
from collections import namedtuple
from .processor import SignorProcessor
from indra.util import read_unicode_csv, read_unicode_csv_fileobj

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

_signor_fields = [

_SignorRow_ = namedtuple('SignorRow', _signor_fields)

[docs]def process_from_file(signor_data_file, signor_complexes_file=None): """Process Signor interaction data from CSV files. Parameters ---------- signor_data_file : str Path to the Signor interaction data file in CSV format. signor_complexes_file : str Path to the Signor complexes data in CSV format. If unspecified, Signor complexes will not be expanded to their constitutents. Returns ------- indra.sources.signor.SignorProcessor SignorProcessor containing Statements extracted from the Signor data. """ # Get generator over the CSV file data_iter = read_unicode_csv(signor_data_file, delimiter=';', skiprows=1) complexes_iter = None if signor_complexes_file: complexes_iter = read_unicode_csv(signor_complexes_file, delimiter=';', skiprows=1) else: logger.warning('Signor complex mapping file not provided, Statements ' 'involving complexes will not be expanded to members.') return _processor_from_data(data_iter, complexes_iter)
def process_from_web(): # Get interaction data data_url = '' res =, data={'organism': 'human', 'format': 'csv', 'submit': 'Download'}) data_iter = _handle_response(res, '\t') # Get complexes complexes_url = '' res =, data={'submit': 'Download complex data'}) complexes_iter = _handle_response(res, ';') return _processor_from_data(data_iter, complexes_iter) def _handle_response(res, delimiter): """Get an iterator over the CSV data from the response.""" if res.status_code == 200: # Python 2 -- csv.reader will need bytes if sys.version_info[0] < 3: csv_io = BytesIO(res.content) # Python 3 -- csv.reader needs str else: csv_io = StringIO(res.text) data_iter = read_unicode_csv_fileobj(csv_io, delimiter=delimiter, skiprows=1) else: raise Exception('Could not download Signor data.') return data_iter def _processor_from_data(data_iter, complexes_iter): # Process into a list of SignorRow namedtuples # Strip off any funky \xa0 whitespace characters data = [_SignorRow_(*[f.strip() for f in r]) for r in data_iter] complex_map = {} if complexes_iter: for crow in complexes_iter: complex_map[crow[0]] = [c for c in crow[2].split(', ') if c] return SignorProcessor(data, complex_map)