Source code for indra.sources.utils

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Processor for remote INDRA JSON files."""

import requests
from typing import List

from ..statements import Statement, print_stmt_summary, stmts_from_json

__all__ = [

[docs]class RemoteProcessor: """A processor for INDRA JSON file to be retrieved by URL. Parameters ---------- url : The URL of the INDRA JSON file to load """ #: The URL of the data url: str def __init__(self, url: str): self.url = url self._statements = None @property def statements(self) -> List[Statement]: """The extracted statements.""" if self._statements is None: self.extract_statements() return self._statements
[docs] def extract_statements(self) -> List[Statement]: """Extract statements from the remote JSON file.""" res = requests.get(self.url) res.raise_for_status() self._statements = stmts_from_json(res.json()) return self._statements
[docs] def print_summary(self) -> None: """Print a summary of the statements.""" print_stmt_summary(self.statements)