RLIMS-P (indra.sources.rlimsp)

RLIMS-P is a rule-based reading system which extracts phosphorylation relationships with sites from text. RLIMS-P exposes a web service to submit PubMed IDs and PMC IDs for processing.

See also: https://research.bioinformatics.udel.edu/rlimsp/ and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4568560/

RLIMS-P API (indra.sources.rlimsp.api)

indra.sources.rlimsp.api.process_from_webservice(id_val, id_type='pmcid', source='pmc', with_grounding=True)[source]

Return an output from RLIMS-p for the given PubMed ID or PMC ID.

  • id_val (str) – A PMCID, with the prefix PMC, or pmid, with no prefix, of the paper to be “read”.
  • id_type (str) – Either ‘pmid’ or ‘pmcid’. The default is ‘pmcid’.
  • source (str) – Either ‘pmc’ or ‘medline’, whether you want pmc fulltext or medline abstracts.
  • with_grounding (bool) – The RLIMS-P web service provides two endpoints, one pre-grounded, the other not so much. The grounded endpoint returns far less content, and may perform some grounding that can be handled by the grounding mapper.

An RlimspProcessor which contains a list of extracted INDRA Statements in its statements attribute.

Return type:


RLIMSP-P Processor (indra.sources.rlimsp.processor)

class indra.sources.rlimsp.processor.RlimspParagraph(p_info)[source]

An object that represents a single RLIMS-P Paragraph.

class indra.sources.rlimsp.processor.RlimspProcessor(rlimsp_json)[source]

Convert RLIMS-P JSON into INDRA Statements.


Extract the statements from the json.